North through Finland


First day Helsinki to Turku and Tampere

The train to Turku from Helsinki.

Turku/ Åbo station sign in Finnish Turku and Åbo in Swedish

Russian Orthodox church in the market square of Turku

Turku cathedral and...


Riverside path.

Chain ferry

Steam ship Ukkopekka sailing to the Turku archiplago

A preserved sailing ship

Preserved tall ship at maritime museum

Train from Turku to Tampere with Russian built locomotive.

Tampere City Hall

Tampere main square

Tammerkoski river with several HEP power stations

There are four statues on the bridge over the river of the maid of Finland and three male figures based on the province's past.

The second day Tampere to Vaasa and Seinajoki

The jouney north to Vaasa was generally through forest and past lakes. These peat bogs were seen from the train near Seinajoki and are used in power stations.

Vaasa town centre/

Statue commemorating the Finnish war of independence.

Vaasa's city hall

Lutheran church and....

...colourful interior.

Vaasa's court building.

Down by the inlet from the Baltic with the island of Vaskiluoto

Converted grain silos now luxury flats.

Vaasa station is typical of small Finnish stations being built out of timber.

Upper deck of double deck inter city coach.

We stayed overnight in the rather dreary town of Seinajoki which is really just an administrative centre and  big railway junction.

Third day Seinajoki to Oulu and Kemi

Interior of a Lutheran church....

...and the exterior.

There are many timber buildings in the town centre....

...and more

Statues on a wall...

...showing different occupations.

Lakes and islands on the edge of the town.

Timber train at Kemi - timber is very big business in Finland!

Kemi station built out of timber again

The night sleeper to Helsinki has a rather inappropriate name for the month of June.

The inlet from the Gulf of Bothnia ....

...from Kemi's promenade.

Most buildings in Kemi are modern but some older timber structures survive.

The main Lutheran church

Our bus across the border to Sweden was a typical town service. With it being the mid summer holiday weekend there were only two buses that day which caused some worry that they might not turn up.

The bus first goes to the finnish border town of Tornio with several large rivers crossed.

Across the border into Sweden and the first building seen is.......!

...and then the modern bus station at Haparanda

Spot the border. The photographer is in Sweden but the cars are in Finland.

The border is marked by this sign.