Below is a list of links that you may find useful when planning your walks in Switzerland.

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1) The Alpine Pass Route by Stephen and Frances Rabone. This is a comprehensive description of the classic walk from Sargans to Montreux across the Alps. A description of the walk, maps, practical advice and hundreds of photographs are features of this website.


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3) This is an interesting new website about hiking in the Swiss Alps and several other countries. There's an interesting text written by Sandra Munniks and Marko Heuver from the Netherlands and lots of stunning photos. Well worth looking at! 

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4) An extremely useful website is the Activity Workshop. This includes a detailed account of the Alpine Pass Route as well as lots of day walks in Switzerland.  What  is really special about this site is that there are some amazing graphics that show the route profile and for those with a GPS receiver the waypoints for the routes. 

Click here to go to the Alpine Pass Route  pages

In addition you will find many day walks in Switzerland in a similar style . 

Click here to see these pages.


5) Ken Baldry's Swiss walking site is an incredibly useful one containing details of walks of varying levels of difficulty , from easy valley walks to really serious mountain walks needing Alpine equipment and experience. He also describes the Alpine Pass Route, although he did not walk it as a continuous walk.


7) Philippe Noth's Swiss walking site  is definitely worth a visit especially if you are interested in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, although it also contains some walks in the Berner Oberland. Good photos, route descriptions and map links are included.


 8) Ursi Brem's website is basically a series of links to an enormous number of hiking websites , and sites that will be useful to walkers, about Switzerland and other alpine areas. (German language) 

In addition, there are descriptions by Ursi Brem for numerous  1-day and 2-day trips, as well as a large number of longer multi-day trails throughout Switzerland. One such route is the Trans Swiss Trail. This trail runs from Porrentruy in northern Swtzerland to Chiasso in the south and is in 31 stages. It sounds a magnificent walk. If you look at this site you will find enough ideas to fill every walking holiday for the rest of your life!!

If you can't read German click on this link to have the website translated. You will then need to copy and paste the website URL and select translate from German to English.

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The translation will be a little quaint but largely understandable. 

If you can read German click here to take you direct to the site.


9) Another interesting site about the Alpine Pass Route is Dwight Peck's website. This covers the section from Sargans to Kandersteg, with some excellent photos. It also gives an insight into walking the route in poor weather!!


10)Click here to go to a page in this website showing Swiss walking maps on the Internet.


11) Another useful site City-info allows you to search for the location of towns, mountains, rivers, glaciers, lakes and mountain huts. Click here


12) Most Swiss towns and villages now have websites. They usually list accommodation, cable-car details, local hiking suggestions and often have webcams. Almost all appear to have a standard URL - www.(town name).ch.


13) Travel details can be found on various websites. The Swiss Railways (SBB) gives timetable details of virtually all public transport in Switzerland and even includes fare details. This can be found at The site is available in English by clicking on the words in English on the site's homepage.


14) The German Railways website can also be useful and surprisingly seems to include the odd service not on the SBB's timetable. This can be found at and once again includes an English version.

15) This is an interesting website about walking in the Fassa valley, which is in the Dolomites in the Sud Tirol part of northern Italy. The site is written in a variety of languages include English and has route descriptions, photos  and maps.  


16) A website that may be of use to you is the Hiking Directory


17)This link is to my brother Bernard's website which is largely about Scuba diving with lots of photos of fish. 


18) Peter Burn has a growing collection of photographs of mountains that he has climbed in Switzerland. They are mainly in the Bernese Oberland and Valais.