Gstaad to Saanenmöser

We completed this walk over two days with the first day from Gstaad to Gruben following quite heavy snowfall and with dull skies. 

The first section took 2 hours from Gstaad to Gruben.

Gstaad main street after a heavy snow fall. Gsataad is at 1050m and the high point of the walks near Saanenemösser is at about 1279m.

After passing under the rather elaborately decorated railway bridge..

...the way to Gruben heads off left..

....and then up a footpath to the right. This isn't actually the main winter walking prepared path but is probably more interesting. pass the Gstaad Palace hotel.

Continuing along the lane following the pink signs...

....the marked way leads up hill reach an old part of the town at Oberbort.

A 'field' path starts here and climbs... a junction where the route to Schönried was followed.

We had to cross a meadow covered in deep snow...

....with views up the Bodde Matte valley towards Gsteig.

Another section follows on a lane..

....and led to a path which dropped downhill in a zig zag...

....with views over Gsataad and Saanen.

This next section was a delight to walk on through soft snow..

....but it soon lead to another lane at Nüroeret.

This lane was followed as it gradually descended past several farms.

Looking back with the valley leading to Lauenen on the left and Gsteig on the right.

Onwards to a road junction at Egg..

.....where a left turn leads down to the railway level crossing at Gruben

.....and the station which wasn't signposted from the crossing. It's a request stop so we had to press the stop button on the platform. Gruben is at 1140m.


The second part of the walk was from Gruben to Sannenmösser in much brighter conditions. The section from Gruben to Schönried took about an hour and from there to Sannenmösser about 50 minutes.


After crossing the railway at Gruben station...

.....the cleared path was followed uphill - footpath on the left and horse path on the right.

Looking back towards Gruben.

The path follows the railway before.....

....going under a bridge..

....and climbing up the lane..

...with more spectacular views back up the valley towards Lauenen.

The winter path crosses the meadows..

.....towards the outskirts of Schönried.

Time for lunch in the village, with plenty of choice of hotels.

Schönried station. (about 1230m)

The path soon leaves the village..

....and heads through an arcade trees by a steam..

....gradually climbing - this is looking back towards Schönried.

The path reaches a summit at the pass at 1279m. This is looking north east - the river that starts here is the Simme, which flows into the Thunersee and then forms the Aare and afterwards the Rhine.

In the opposite direction the waters flow into the Sanne (La Sarine in the French speaking part of Switzerland) before also joining the Aare and Rhine.

Saanemöser village....

.....and station (1269m)