We took the train, bus and gondelbahn to the Hahnemoospass (1950m) to fulfil an ambition to walk the more interesting  path from Hahnemoos to Adelboden via Luegli, rather than the rather boring direct path which we had walked on the Alpine Pass Route.

Looking towards Lenk from Hahnemoos

Leaving the pass we headed along the ridge on the path towards the Ammertenspitze and the distinctive peak of the Regenboldshorn (2193m). The path slowly climbs to 2055m, just below the Regenboldshorn.

The Regenboldshorn

Here Stephen decided to climb to the summit; the path was, however, extremely slippery and about 50m below the actual summit he decided not to proceed further because the grip of his boots on the soil was so poor after the recent heavy rain. The descent was accomplished partly on all fours!

The path to the Ammertenspitze looks "exciting"

  We continued on to Luegli at 2091 for lunch admiring the Alpine path up the Ammertenspitze and the notice forbidding walkers to take dogs on this path. It certainly looks a rather hairy route. We then set off down towards Adelboden, initially on path 9b along the Hüendersädel. The path runs along a very narrow ridge, almost an arête in fact.

The Hüendersädel

In 2005 Fran had quite severe back problems and because of the slippery conditions underfoot we decided, rather than risk slipping and further injury, to return to Luegli, take path 9a down the valley to Bütschifall (1796m) and then go on to the gondelbahn station at Berglager.

path down the Lurig valley

The broad vehicle track drops steadily down the Lurig valley past the magnificent cliffs of the Ammertenspitze and Rostock. At Bütschifall the track turns into a tarmac lane and clambers down the side of the valley of the Bütschibach to join the main road up to Geilsbüel. Crossing this a path drops down through woods to reach the gondelbahn that runs all the way down to Oey and Adelboden village.

on the way to Geilsbüel