Ospizio Bernina to Alp Grüm

This relatively easy walk takes just a couple of hours from Ospizio Bernina station to Alp Grüm. This is Ospizio Bernina with Lago Bianco to the right.

The path leaves the station at the end of the platform..

...and climbs up to a broad track...

.....which runs by the side of the railway and lake to the dam at the far end of the lake.

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Opposite Ospizio Bernina is the glacier of Vadret dal Cambrena with from left to right Piz Caral, Piz Cambrena and Piz Arlas.

Looking back north west across Lago Bianca.

A train to Tirano and the southern end of the lake.

Near the end of the lake the railway goes into an avalanche shelter and the track...

.....drops down to the dam. The paths beyond the dam head along the shores of the lake to the right and up to the hut at Sassal Mason.

The path to Alp Grüm rise and falls..

...as it finds away through the boulders. This is looking back towards the dam.

You begin to get the first hints of the deep valley to the south at this point in the walk.

The track now begins to fall, with another avalanche shelter....

...and then, at Mot, a choice of routes to Alp Grüm. We took the main, and slightly longer one, to the left.

It's at this point that the glacier of the Vadret da Palü comes into view briefly.

The track now climbs gently...

....before turning a corner to reveal the Val du Pila and the village of Cavaglia below.

There are numerous avalanche protection walls and barriers along this part of the path

Easy though this path is there is a nasty sting in the tail at the end of the walk with an extremely steep descent ot the station at Alp Grüm

Straight ahead, of course, is this incredible view up to the glacier of the Vadret da Palü. Piz Palü is up to the right in clouds.

The retreat of the Alpine glaciers is clearly evident in these two views. The one on the left was taken from the same spot in 1992. The one on the right was taken in 2011.

To get down in to the valley the Bernina railway descends a complicated series of spirals and loops dropping from 2126m at Alp Grüm to 1703m at Cavaglia.

The walks end is at Alp Grüm station. Time for coffee on the terrace!

You may be lucky and see one of the Rhätische Bahn's tourist trains with 1920s coaches.

Finally, a winter view of the glacier..