Shipley to Ilkley

The map shows the route with way points taken from my Spot GPS transmitter

I decided to start the walk at Shipley railway station and headed off down to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

A superb reflection on the Leeds and Liverpool canal.

The mills at Saltaire.

The chapel at Saltaire "model village" built by Titus Salt for his workers,

At the first lock turn off to the right and along the lane past a garden centre to...

.....reach this bridge over the River Aire.

A brief walk through a housing estate and past the bus terminus.. the beginning of the Dales Way Link path to Ilkley.

The path climbs towards Trench Wood...

....and then turn left...

....up through the woods up Shipley Glen...

....until the path climbs uphill.. reach level ground at the Glen Road.

There are some impressive rock formations overlooking the glen.

The Dales Way Link path goes straight on at a complex junction of paths..

....before dropping down to a stream...

.....which is followed...

.....until the road at Glovershaw is reached.

The lane goes up to Golcar farm (this is the view looking back to Airedale)..

....where the Dales Way Link path goes left and the Dales HIghway path continues straight on. I'd decided to take the Dales way path.

This follows farm tracks..

...and paths across fields...

.....until you reach some rather expensive properties...

.....where a field path heads west towards Tolls Farm..

....and then climbs up to the Otley Old Road.

The road is busy and winding... care is needed ....

.....until you reach the junction at Dick Hudson's pub.

Immediately beyond the Way takes to a green lane as it climbs Spy Hill.

At last more open moor is reached..

wpe21.jpg (118075 bytes)

....and looking back there is a panorama which reaches from Bradford and lower Airedale round as far west as Pendle Hill, which is seen in the distance above the reservoir.

The Dales Way Link now crosses the heather moorland of Bingley Moor.

For part of the way there is slabbed paving..

....but in other places it's quite peaty and wet.

If you look at the photograph below the dots you can see the power stations at Ferrybridge and Drax about twenty to thirty miles away.

Looking back towards Bradford and the Emley Moor television mast.

To the west the radio towers on Ilkley Moor tower over the heather moor.

In places the path was boggy after recent rain.

Beyond the boundary wall the moorland rises to it high point of 368 metres.

Near a path junction that comes in from the south east (actually the Dales Highway proper) is this direction stone. Rather strangely the markings aren't on the side facing the path!

The Twelve Apostles Bronze Age stone circle is a definite highlight of the walk.

A little further on the boundary stone known as Lanshaw Lad is on the hillside slightly above the Dales Way path.

The way down to Ilkley drops down to Gill Head....

.....partly on paving slabs.

....which makes for easy going.

Suddenly Wharfedale and Ilkley come into view... the path drops down the valley side... places quite steeply over rocks... reach White Wells, where there is a cafe (and toilets!).

Ilkley developed as a spa town and there has been bathing here since 1703. This is one of two baths built in 1791 and is inside a room with information notices.

Continuing down the lane a waterfall is passed and ...

...eventually this rather grand former spa hotel, Wells House, is passed on the outskirts of the town. The day's walk ended at Ilkley station.