It is impossible to have a website about Dombås without mentioning the Raumabane line to Åndalsnes so I've included a few photographs of the station there. Freight traffic is now handled at the new freight terminal outside the town.

Click here for a trackplan of Åndalsnes.  

Click on image below for an aerial photograph of the railway at Åndalsnes

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Photos taken from Norge in Bild website

All photos below taken on 27.7.93

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Di 3 618 shunting the through carriages of the morning Oslo to Åndalsnes train after arrival. Note the numerous freight wagons in the yard. Looking towards Dombås from the bridge outside the station.
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Di 3 618 Looking from the freight yard towards the passenger station.
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Di 3 605 on the evening freight train to Dombås. Another view of the freight yard and quayside.
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The turntable and crane gantry The locomotive depot
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The magnificent Cunard line "Vistafjord" was a regular visitor . The passing loop at Verma.
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Looking down into the Raumadal near Verma. Bjorli station
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Steam loco No.  271  at Åndalsnes
20.06.2001 : Photo by Tom Ottesen