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The north end of  Dombås station. Åndalsnes line tunnel to left, Trondheim tunnel to the right. The six road locomotive depot and turntable can be seen on far right.  Station building looking north
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Station looking south Looking north with the morning Åndalsnes to Oslo through coaches in track 1 awaiting the arrival of the Trondheim to Oslo express.
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Looking south with the Åndalsnes to Oslo through coaches on track 1 The Di3 stands in the yard after bringing in the morning Åndalsnes to Oslo service
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The mid morning Trondheim to Oslo express arrives at Dombås behind an El 16 The El 16 has left the Trondheim to Oslo coaches on track 2 whilst it moves the Åndalsnes portion from track 1. The Di3 has moved on to the turntable approach tracks ready to be turned before working back to Åndalsnes.
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Åndalsnes coaches being added to Oslo express The Oslo train is ready for departure after adding Åndalsnes coaches.
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 An El 17 on Oslo-Trondheim train with a rake of air-conditioned B7 coaches

All photos above were taken in July 1993

The weekly locomotive changeover for the Raumabane was photographed by Lolke Bijlsma who I would like to thank for allowing the use of these photographs.

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Train 411 from Dombås to Trondheim on 1.8.99. Di8.720 had worked the freight trains to Åndalsnes the previous week whilst Di3.620 was the passenger train locomotive.


Train 400 arrives at Dombås from Trondheim headed by Di8.703 and Di3.623 on 1.8.99. These two locomotives will work the services to Åndalsnes for the next seven days.