G.E.Rabone's British Photos

These photo were taken by my late father during the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

Great Western Torbay area 1930s

A 63xx 2-6-0 at Goodrington. Note the signalman about to hand over the single line token.

A GWR 45xx at Goodrington in the 1930s. Note the image originally had two wires (from a fence), which have been digitally removed.

An unknown Castle class 4-6-0

A Great Western Railway "Castle" class locomotive at Goodrington in the 1930s.

A Great Western Railway "King" class locomotive at Goodrington in the 1930s

A GWR 43xx 2-6-0 at Goodrington in the 1930s.

Isle of Man 1930s

Snaefell Mountain Railway No. 1 at the summit of Snaefell in the 1930s.

Manx electric railway trailer No. 52

Gorton Works, Manchester

A Great Central B7 4-6-0 believed to be No. (6)1361 at Gorton shed on 22.1.49

Creat Central D9 4-4-0 No. 62313 awaiting scrapping at Gorton Works on 16.10.49

No. 63862  on 16.10.49 at Gorton Works

K3 No. 61894 of Lincoln shed at Gorton shed on 16.10.49

No. 63689 at Gorton Works on 16.10.49

Crewe sheds and works

13.2.49  No. 46434 at Crewe North shed

13.2.49 Crewe Works  Nos. 41204, 42562 and 42589.

No. M4751 at Crewe Works 13.2.49

No. 47983 at Crewe Works 13.2.49

No. 25297 Precursor class at Crewe


Derby shed and works

21.9.47 Nos. 2378 and 404 with 3187 in the background.

21.9.47  No. 2285 at Derby shed

21.9.47 Derby shed No. 3264 and beyond, I believe, are 3153 and then 3745

21.9.47 No. 1509 Derby shed

No. 1252 at Derby on 21.9.47

Another view of  No.1252 at Derby 21.9.47

No.20002 in Derby Works 21.9.47 with No.2286 on the right

Another view of  No. 20002 at Derby Works

No.633 fitted with Dabeg feed equipment Derby 21.0.47

An LMS 3F 0-6-0T at Derby shed believed to be on 21.9.47

M.R. No. 118 in Derby Works yard with a Diesel No MPU3 next to it. 21.9.47 

No. 3123 at Derby shed 21.9.47

No. 383 at Derby shed 21.9.47

A MR 4-4-0 No 714 and Jubilee 4-6-0 No. 5612at Derby on the 21.9.47. In the background is brand new No. 2285 

Cromford and High Peak railway

Cromford and High Peak railway incline

Cromford Upper shed with ex LNWR "Chopper" 2-4-0T No 26428 on 42.8.48

Hellifield area and Settle and Carlisle line

No. 46109 on northbound "Waverley" at Long Preston 21.8.58

43968 of Holbeck shed at Hellifield on 21.8.58 with 44276 on shed 

40491 of Holbeck on Hellifield shed probably after piloting the southbound "Waverley" as far as Hellifield on 24.8.57

Another shot of No.40491

Hellifield on 21.9.56 No 40613 of Kingmoor shed on midday Hellifield to Carlisle train 

43585 (the Hellifield station pilot) on shed on 21.8.1958

43756 at Hellifield on station pilot duties 20.8.58

41045 at Hellifield on 21.9.56. It was an 11E locomotive on a leeds to Morecambe service.

43756 at Hellifield on station pilot duties 20.8.58

45697 at Long Preston on the southbound "Waverley" 21.8.58

43968, 90107 and 44276 at Hellifield on 21.8.59

Ribblehead viaduct

Aisgill summit 21.9.56

Ais Gill summit notice board 21.9.56

44570 at Aisgill on southbound freight 21.9.56


Chinley area

40910 of Holbeck shed at Chinley on 23.8.48

Monsal Dale viaduct

No. 43839 at unknown location but probably one of the stations around Chinley.

No 8284 at Chinley on 13.3.44

No. 3574 near Strines 13.3.44

Another 3F on a freight near Strines.

4.9.48 No 40401 at Chinley

No. 88 (19G shed) near Romiley on 25.6.45. Note junction signals for Marple Wharf Junction

An 8F at New Mills South Junction on a southbound freight

In LMS days an 8F emerges from a tunnel believed to be in the Peak District.

A Class 5 no. 4803 seen leaving Chinley for the Derby line in 1945.


No. 9594 at Chinley 23.8.48

43882 at Grindleford on 26.8.57. Note the LMS tender coupled to a Midland Railway locomotive.

No. 2752 at New Mills South Junction on 25.6.45

Blackpool sheds

Blackpool South shed 23.2.47 L&Y 4-6-0 10432

Blackpool South shed No 6410 on 23.2.47

23.2.47 Blackpool North shed No 10766

23.2.47 Blackpool north shed No 12439 of 24F shed.

23.2.47 Blackpool North shed No 2636

23.2.47 Blackpool South shed No 4988


Leeds area sheds

13.7.47 Leeds Holbeck shed No 15227

No 748 at Holbeck shed Leeds on 13.7.47

No 500 "Edward Thompson" at Copley Hill 13.7.47

13.7.47 C1 class No. 2828 and A2 No 500 at Copley Hill shed.

No 107 (and in background No. 105) at Copley Hill shed 13.7.47



No 40409 at Skipton on northbound passenger train  24.3.56

No 40409 at Skipton on northbound passenger train  24.3.56

41855 at Skipton on 28.7.55

No 58123 at Skipton on 21.9.56



Manchester area sheds

No 12952 L&Y 0-8-0 at Bolton shed 19.10.47

2307 at Trafford Park shed 20.4.47

No 4784 and 7369 at Longsight shed 20.4.47

No.5521 at Longsight 20.4.1947

Nos. 2250 and 2621 at Newton heath shed 20.4.47

No 5633 and and 5593 in the open shed at Longsight 20.4.47 

No.5719 at Newton Heath

L&Y 12466 0-6-0 at Newton Heath shed.


North Wales 1959

No. 9015 at Pwllheli shed 6.7.59

Tan-y-bwlch June 1959

Llanfair P.G.

Britannia Bridge

Friog rockfall shelter

Miscellaneous Photos

4556 at Lancaster Green Ayre shed

No. 353 and beyond No. 1048 at Lancaster Green Ayre shed on 23.4.46

Ex North London Railway No 27517 and LMS 0-6-0T No 7166 outside Birkenhead shed


Sheffield Millhouses shed 1.5.47 No. 1076 of 19G shed next to No.5093 of Leeds Holbeck shed

Stalybridge believed winter 1947. An LMS 2P on the cut off line avoiding Guide Bridge.

Miniature railway at Scarborough June 1957


Unknown locations


No. 1193 . Note the 4F 0-6-0 fitted with holes for a full height snowplough.


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