The 1922 Midland Railway Workings

The information below has been extracted from an article in a 1961 Railway World. It details some passenger train locomotive workings on the Midland line through Hellifield as well as the allocations of the sheds at Carlisle, Carnforth, Hellifield,  Lancaster Green Ayre and Skipton.

 Carlisle Durran Hill allocation (Dec 1922)

Class 1, 2-4-0: 49, 182

Class 2, 4-4-0: 342, 350, 432-4,

436, 442-6, 458, 463, 468.

  Class 4, 4-4-0: inside cylinder: 990-9; 

Compound 1010 (saturated),

1023 (superheated).

Class 1, 0-6-OT: 1650-4, 1768/9.

  Class 2, 0-6-0: 3003/4, 3007- 19, 3114, 3466, 3569.

Class 3, 0-6-0: 3791-4.

Class 4, 0-6-0: 3997-9, 4000-16.  


Carlisle shed loco turns (May 1922)

Turn 1

The first ran light from Carlisle to Applcby,

and returned on the 7.43 a.m. Appleby to Carlisle local.

Turn 2

The second turn took the 8 a.m. Carlisle to Leeds stopping train ,

returning on the 1.34 p.m. from Leeds (9.00am St. Pancras to Edinburgh)

 Turn 3

The third turn started on the 10.27 a.m. stopping train to Hellifield,

returning on the 2.48 p.m. (9.50 a.m. St.Pancras to Glasgow .

Turn 4

The fourth ran to Leeds on the 12.24 p.m. from Edinburgh to St Pancras,

returning on the 4.7 p.m. (11.50am St.Pancras to Edinburgh) to Carlisle.

Turn 5

The fifth engine went to Hellifield on the 1.13 p.m. (10.40 Edinburgh to St. Pancras),

working back on the 5-15 p.m. Hellifield to Carlisle stopping train.

Turn 6

The sixth took the 6.45 p.m stopping train . to Appleby and came back light.

Turn 7

The seventh was a turn to Leeds, out with the 12.10 a.m. (9.20pm Glasgow to St.Pancras)

and returning with the 3.53 a.m (11.45pm St. Pancras to Glasgow).

Turn 8

The eighth went to Leeds on the 12.33 a.m. (9.50 p.m. Edinburgh to St. Pancras)

She reached Leeds at 3 a.m., took the 5.20 a.m. to Bradford

and returned on the 6.50 a.m. to Leeds.

She then remained at Holbeck as a spare engine until she

took the 9.29 p.m. from Leeds to Bradford and the 10.50 p.m. back.

She returned home on the 2.12 a.m. Leeds to Carlisle (9.30pm St. Pancras to Glasgow),

due there at 4.38 a.m. thus having been away from home for twenty-eight hours.

Turn 9

Turn nine took a parcels train from Carlisle to Skipton, leaving at 12.40 a.m.,

returning on empty coaches departing at 4.34 a.m.

Turn 10

Turn ten was similar to turn eight;

commencing work on the 1.22 a.m. from Carlisle to Leeds (10.45 p. m. Glasgow to St.Pancras),

she then took the 5.49 a.m. from Leeds to Bradford and the 7.44 a.m. Bradford to Leeds.

This engine also remained spare until the 8.7 p.m. Leeds to Bradford and 9.55 p.m. return.

She departed for Carlisle at 1.55 a.m. (9.15 p. m. St. Pancras to Edinburgh)

On Sundays the Bradford trip ran about an hour later in each case.


Hellifield Allocation December 1922

2-4-0s, Nos. 78 and 216

Johnson Class 1 4-4-0s, Nos. 310/1/4 

Class 2 4-4-0s. both saturated and superheated versions, Nos. 464/5/7/9, 470-2

0-6-0s. Nos. 3188, 3346, 3350/1. 3353/ 87.

Hellifield shed loco turns (May 1922)

Turn 1

 The first engine off the shed went to Carnforth on the

3 a.m. and then took the 7 a.m. from Carnforth to Bentham. She then

worked the 7.53 a.m. Bentham to Lancaster, ran to Wennington on empty

coaches for the 8.55 a.m. to Carnforth and returned to Skipton with the 10.31 a.m.  

On Saturdays excepted she went to Bradford with the 12.40 p.m. train, 

took the 2.25 from Bradford to Shipley and returned to Bradford coupled to another job. 

She then took the 5.30 p.m. back to Skipton, running light to Hellifield shed.

On Saturdays she returned on the 1.27 p.m. from Skipton to Hellifield. 

Turn 2

The second Hellifield engine took the 7.37a.m. to Morecambe, 

the 9.35a.m. Morecambe to Leeds and reached home on the 1.56p.m.

from Leeds to Hellifield.

Turn 3

 Turn three took the 11.32a.m. to Carlisle and returned with

the 4 p.m. back. 

Turn 4

Turn four started off with the 2.55p.m. to Leeds, and Saturdays excepted, returned with the 4.55p.m.   

On Saturdays she performed more work, taking the 5.10 p.m. from Leeds to Bradford, the

6.50 p.m. thence to Skipton, going light to Hellifield for the 9.40 p.m. trip to Horton and the 10.16 return.

Turn 5

Turn five formed the Hellifield passenger shunt; the locomotive concerned also worked

the 12.45 Saturdays only trip from Horton due in Hellifield at 1.6p.m.  


Leeds Holbeck workings over the Settle and Carlisle line May 1922

Turn 1

 The 6.10 a.m. to Hellifield, the 8.7 a.m. from Hellifield to Carlisle 

and returning on the 12.10 p.m. from Carlisle to Leeds. 

Turn 2

The 10.20 a.m. returning with the 2.43 p.m.

Turn 3

The 4.15 p.m. to Carlisle, returning with the 8.55 p.m. Leeds train. 

Skipton Allocation (December 1922)

2-4-0s Nos. 11. 14, 80. 156, 207/8, 214/69. 

0-4-4TS Nos. 1266/8-71, 1411-5 1417/30

 0-6-0Ts Nos. 1681 and 1767

0-6-0s, Nos. 2404/37/55/56/58/66/8/75/84-6/93

2504/6/7/98, 2695, 2707, 2914, 3036/37/39, 3345/47/54 and 3430.  


Skipton workings over the Settle and Carlisle line (May 1922)

The 2.40 p.m. Skipton to Hawes, the 4.26 p.m. from Hawes to Hellifield, 

on Saturdays excepted the 6.5 p.m. from Hellifield to Settle and returned to form 

the 7.12 p.m. from Hellifield to Skipton, went out again to Hellifield with the 9.7 p.m. and came home light.

Lancaster Green Ayre allocation (December 1922) 

Although this shed's locomotives did not work over the Settle and Carlisle they were obviously frequent visitors to Hellifield.

2-4-0s, Nos. 242 and 254

 superheated Class 2, 4-4-Os, Nos. 448/9, 451-6 and 460

0-4-4T,,No. 1209

 0-6-OTs, Nos. 1656, 80, 93.

Kirtley Class 1, 0-6-Os, Nos. 2500 and 2708

Kirtley Class 2, No. 2651.  

Johnson small-boiler 0-6-Os Nos. 2915, 2989, 3333, and 3393

Class 3s, Nos. 3237, 3386 and 3553.  

Carnforth allocation (December 1922)

2-4-Os Nos. 209-213 

0-6-OT, No. 1659 

Class 3, 0-6-Os, Nos. 3189, 3314, 3357/8, 3389/90, 3410, 3502