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Photos 1 and 2 :Southbound platform looking North

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Photo 3: Roof detail and clock support.

Photos 4 to 8 are a sequence showing Southbound platform moving South to North

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Photos 9 shows the North end of the canopy and former bookstall. This end of the bookstall can also just be seen in photo 8.

Photo 10 shows the shortened canopy at the end of the Northbound platform and the abandoned bay platform.

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Photos 11 to 15 show a sequence of photos on the Northbound platform from South to North.

Photo 16 shows part of the canopy roof on this side of the station.

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The South end canopy: photo 17 shows the Northbound side and photo 18 the Southbound platform. The abandoned Blackburn line bay platform is between the two fences.

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Photos 19 and 20 show the roof detail under the South end canopy.

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Photo 21 shows the entrance to the former ticket office, whilst photo 22 is one of the cross corridors.

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The station master's house on the approach road.

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