Deutsche Bahn 1994 visit

My next visit to Germany was in 1194 by which time the Deutsche Bundesbahn and Deutsche Reichsbahn had merged to form Deutsche Bahn.


I travelled from Hoek van Holland via Osnabrück and Hamburg to Lübeck

The only photo I took on the journey was at Apeldoorn where former Deustche Reichsbahn 528139 was on excursion train on a preserved branch line.


The first full day in journey found me travelling from Lübeck via Bad Kleinen and Wismar to Bad Doberan where I changed for a return journey on the narrow gauge line to Kuhlungsborn West. I then contined via Rostock to Warnemunde before returning by the same route to Lübeck.

Grevensmühlen was the junction for the now closed line to Klütz...

....and 202729 was in a loop awaiting its next run on the line.

Mt train from Lübeck was hauled by 232.603 and terminated at Bad Kleinen

232.603 is seen with it 3 coach regional train.

112.188 arrives with an Inter Regio from Cottbus to Lübeck. The train reversed here and left behind...

....232.45 for Lübeck. On the right is 143.328 with my Bad Kleinen to Wismar local train

Aerial view of Wismar station area. The line from Bad Kleinen is at the bottom of the image, whilst the line towards Bad Doberan and Rostock curves away to the right.

The track layout has been simplified since the photos below but the half moon roundhouse and the line to the docks in the top left can be seen.

Wismar with a BR219 standing on the curve on the Rostock line.

My train from Bad Kleinen is seen the bay platform. The coaches are former DR double deck vehicles. Over on the right are the coaches for the train to Rostock.

The half moon shed at Wismar with 346.983, 219.034 and 202.697 visible.

Beyond the station the freight lines into the docks area continue.

The old platform canopy had been recentky restored.

Wismar No.2 signalbox controlled the level crossing in the docks are with 346.619 beyond.

The docks still needed two shunting locos 346.807 and 346.619.

Looking back towards the station from the level crossing.

My train from Wismar along the single track line was pulled by 219.141 seen gere at Bad Doberan with the narrow gauge station on the right.

Looking towards Rostock.

Bad Doberan station looking towards Wismar.

099.902 pulled my train to Kuhlungsborn West.


Two views taken when the narrow gauge line runs down the main street of the town.

099.902 after arrival at Kulungsborn West.

A better view of the loco!

Kulungsborn West station

The loco shed at Kulungsborn West 099.901 and 099.902. Inside the shed was 099.904.

099.902 is ready to work back to Bad Doberan.

Passengers were free to wander over the track which rather surprised me.

099.901 would later take me back to Bad Doberan.

In one of the platforms were some of the older vehicles used on "heritage" workings....

......including these magnificent clerestorey coaches.

099.902 is seen at Heiligendamm the crossing point on the line with a train from Bad Doberan to Kuhlungsborn West.

Running through the streets in Bad Doberan.

219.081 runs into Bad Doberan with my train to Rostock.

Looking back to Wismar.

219.155 arrives at Bad Doberan with a Rostock to Wismar train.

Rostock area S Bahn train to Warnemunde is seen at Rostock.

143312 at Rostock with S Bahn to Warnemunde. The train is in one of the bay platforms at the north end of the station.

Warnemunde today. Line to Rostock is bottom left and disused ferry dock at top

Warnemunde train ferry terminal with 344788 and ferry.

112160 at Warnemunde

Warnemunde with two S Bahn  trains.

Warnemunde signal centre.

Train/ car ferry to Sweden.

Rostock: lines to Warnemunde and Wismar at top left corner, to Stralsund on right hand side and towards Berlin at the bottom right.

Rostock Hbf with 112135 on Inter Regio to Chemnitz.

143218 at Rostock with Griefswald to Warnemunde train. The train reversed here.

Rostock looking south.

Terminal platforms at south end of Rostock Hbf

Rostock station building looking north. The station building is on the east side of the line.

I returned to Lübeck behind 232.598 at the head of a Rostock to Hamburg Inter Regio service.

Back at Lübeck Danish Railways (DSB) 3 car diesel units nos. 5082, 5076 and 5081 were on a Hamburg to Copenhagen train viA the Puttgarden ferry.

 Sunday 31st July 1994

On Sunday 31st July I travelled from Lübeck to on a Rostock to Saarbrücken Inter Regio behind a pait of BR 218 diesels and then after a trip on the Hanburg S Bahn to Hamburg Altona another pair of 218s took me to Berlin on a Hamburg to Dresden IC. The plan then was to take an Berlin to Warsaw EC from Berlin Hbf to Frankfurt (Oder) behind 180.020. However Germany was experiencing a serious heatwave and there were lineside fires so the train was being diverted with diesel haulage from Berlin Lichtenberg so instead I went to my Hotel in Charlottenburg to check in. In the evening I went to Potsdam on the S Bahn.

I took no photos on this day apart from the one below.

An InterCity Night Talgo sleeping car train to Bonn passes Berlin Charlottenburg 31/7/94

Monday 1st August 1994

With the heatwave continuing and temperatures approaching 40 degrees Celsius I made the decision to spend as much time as possible travelling in 1st class air conditioned coaches. I took an ICE from Berlin Zoo via Braunschweig to Kassel Wilhelmshohe. Then it was a short journey to Bebra ona local train followed by a Frankfurt to Dresden IC behind 232.179 as far as Erfurt where 112.138 took over as far as Leipzig. From Leipzig I returned to Berlin behind 112.151 on a Mittenwald to Berlin IC train.

ICE 401002 at Berlin Zoo with a service to Frankfurt.


232.179 has uncoupled at Erfurt from a Frankfurt to Dresden IC.

112.138 is abouit to take over a Frankfurt to Dresden IC at Erfurt



Berlin-Stralsund-Sassnitz-Binz Ost-Berlin


Bergen 2/8/94


112178 Lichtenberg Kiev-Berlin 2/8/94


Berlin-Frankfurt Oder-Cottbus-Leipzig-Plauen-Hof-Lichtenfels

112008 Berlin Hbf to Frankfurt (Oder) 3/8/94

Zwickau Hbf