Deutsche Bundesbahn 1970s

Southern Germany - 1971 visit


103.118 is on a high speed test working when seen at Bamberg on 22nd July 1971.

A real rarity was this former Wehrmacht 288.002 double diesel loco piloting 051.334 on a freight at Bamberg on 22nd July 1971.

140.425 is on a passenger service to Nürnberg at Bamberg on 22nd July 1971.

001.131 is seen climbing the Schiefe Ebene incline at Neuenmarkt Wirsberg. The train is a Saarbrücken to Hof train. The date is 22nd July 1971.

Another  view of 001.131. The banking locomotive was Bo-Bo diesel 211.160.

086.346 at Hof shed on 22nd July 1971.

001.202 on the turntable at Hof on 22nd July 1971.

001.168 is heading a Hof to Neuenmarkt Wirsberg local made up of a bogie coach and two six-wheelers. The date is 22nd July 1971.

001.168 backs down onto its train at Hof on 23rd July 1971. 

Deutsche Reichsbahn 118.296 has just taken over a Stuttgart to Dresden train at Hof on 23rd July1971.

001.126 (left) has some strengthening coaches which will be added to a Görlitz to Stuttgart train which will shortly arrive from East germany. 001.131 is ready to depart with a Hof to Saarbrücken train on 23rd July 1971

194.024 passes through Regensburg on a southbound freight on 24th July 1971.

217.012 heads a southbound freight through Regensburg Hbf on 24th July 1971.

211.296 is in charge of a local train from Regensburg to Weiden local train of six-wheel coaches on 24th July 1971.

118.026 and 118.028 head a Nürnberg to Passau train at Regensburg on 24th July 1971.

110.476 is at Jenbach in Austria with a Dortmund to Innsbrück train on 27th July1971.

OBB 1020.05 is in the passing loop at Jenbach with a westbound freight on 27th July 1971. The shed on the right is the Zillertalbahn's.

Zillertalbahn 0-6-2T No. 2 is outside Jenbacj shed on 27th July 1971.

Achenseebahn rack loco No.1 is at Jenbach on 27th July 1971.

1670.01 enters Jenbach station with a parcels train on 27th July 1971.

4010.09 at Kufstein with a St Gallen to Wien train on 27th July 1971.

OBB emu 4030.09 is working a local train to Bregenz at Lindau Hbf on 28th July 1971.

Swiss Federal Railways 11197 has brought in a Bern to München train at Lindau on 29th July 1971.

SBB 1331o brings a hopper train through St Gallen station on the 29th July 1971.

In 1971 only four BR 03s were still in service and I was amazed to find one at the head of my train from Friederichshafen to Ulm. 003.088 has arrived at Ulm Hbf with a train from Frederichshafen Haven on 29th July 1971.

Another view at Ulm with 003.088 on a later working on to Lauda on 29th July 1971.

425.419 is working an Ulm Hbf to Stuttgart local train on 30th July 1971.

These two photos are included only because they are the only photos I took of the BR38 and BR78. Lighting conditions were such that the images were over-exposed. 038.553 and 038.038 are at Tübingen shed on 30th July 1971 as is 078.246.

The last photograph I took in 1971 was of 044.340 leaving Tübingen with an oil train along the single track line to Rottweill. The date is 30th July 1971.