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50196 and 50293 between Commondale and Castleton

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Visit of Pope John Paul II to York in May 1982

Monday 31st May was probably the busiest day that York station has ever seen. On that day British Rail ran over 180 additional trains from all over Yorkshire and the North-east for people wishing to attend the Mass at York Racecourse.

This was in addition to the normal bank holiday services.

  1. 47006 on Kings Cross to Newcastle newspaper train Reporting No. 1N11 just after 01.00 on Monday 31st May 1982.

2. Shortly after 45059 appeared on the Manchester to Newcastle newspaper train 1E49 

3. The first of the special trains with 45038 for motive power stands at platform 15 on train 1G06 Leeds to York before heading north to Morpeth empty stock at about 03.00

4. 47252 stands at the head of an overnight Kings Cross to Aberdeen and Glasgow train.

5. In the early morning light 31138 has arrived from Middlesbrough on train 1G31 before leaving on the empty stock to Rotherham.

6. 31268 arrives in platform 14 at the head of train 1G23 from Huddersfield, which will continue empty stock to Newcastle.

7. An 8 car dmu set -power cars 50169, 50161, 50641 and 50630 arrives in one of the south end bay platforms on the 06.57 arrival from Leeds train 1G60. It returned empty, almost immediately, to Huddersfield.

8. 47375 pulls in on train 1G29 from Chesterfield (arrival time in York 07.49), which continued empty stock to Satlburn

9. 08339, on station pilot duties, removes the stock of a Rotherham to York train (IG21 arr.08.34) to Queen Street sidings.

10. 31138, a Stratford locomotive, arrives back from Rotherham at the head of a special which continued to Scarborough.

11. A busy scene, typical of much of the day; 46023 stands at the head of train 1G18 from Darlington before going to the carriage sidings at Sheffield Nunnery 31160 (of Stratford depot) runs through the middle roads on train 1G26 from Hull which will continue to Malton  and in the middle 31166 is at the head of train 1G26 a special from Middlesbrough , which will head off to Doncaster empty stock.

12. A named locomotive 45038 (photographed earlier in the morning) is at the head of train 1G06 from Morpeth (due 09.07) before going empty stock to Rotherham.

13. 31410 pulls in on a normal service train 1L59 from Huddersfield to Scarborough.

14. 47318 arrives with train 1G09 from Sheffield (due at 09.50) and would stable at Clifton carriage sidings.

15. 37192 comes into platform 8 on train 1G22 (due 09.58) from Darlington, which was stabled at Dringhouses yard.

16. 47221 arrives at platform 15 on train 1G11 from Hartlepool (due 10.02). this would also be stabled at Holgate loops.

17. 46046 brings train 1G16 from Huddersfield (due 10.12) into the north end of platform 8. It will then take its train to stable at Malton.

18. The long distance special from Norwich 1G79 (due 10.30) arrives in platform 8 behind 47118. Note the buffet car at the front of the train. The empty stock was stabled at Clifton carriage sidings.

19. 31268 is ready to leave with the first of the return trains. This is the 16.20 1G09 to Huddersfield via Wakefield. Over to the left on platform 15 is the 16.23 to Newcastle.

20. 40068 is on 1G10 the 16.35 to Doncaster whilst in the bay platform behind is 47316 on 1G31 the 16.40 to Sheffield. Note the headcode sticker on the 47's windscreen.


21. 31320 on 1G13 the 19.13 York to Middlesbrough.

Below are three photos of the queuing system used in the evening to allow passengers to board correct trains.