1983 Germany

In August 1983 we had a family holiday based in Königswinter on the right ban of the Rhine south of Köln.

18th August 1983

140156 at Koblenz with a northbound freight.

151132 at Königswinter with a northbound freight.

19th August 1983

Drachenfels Bahn steam loco plinthed at Königswinter

Summit station of Drachenfelsbahn with car No.2.

Climbing to the summit

Arriving at the summit.

323151 at Königswinter

323151 shunting at Königswinter

Track maintenance vehicles at Königswinter

DB sliding wall van at Königswinter

103157 with a Dortmund ot Athens train at Königswinter

DB steel cowl wagon at Königswinter

20th August 1983

01.118 on the Hafenbahn in Frankfurt.


21st August 1983

403001 leads a four car Lufthansa Airport Express from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt Flughafen through Remagen.

A Silberlinge control coach at the rear of a train to Adenau at Remagen.

A Belgium van at Renagen goods shed

212025 is at head of a Remagen to Adenau train.

Staff telephone on platform at Remagen

212025 at Adenau after arrival from Remagen

Looking down the Ahr valley from the bufferstops at Adenau.

A Swiss bogie stake wagon at Adenau

DB coal hopper at Adenau

Adenau station

212044 has just arrived at Adenau with a push pull train from Remagen

22nd August 1983

141212 runs into Cochem with a Koblenz to Trier train.

Photos below are a photo survey of Bullay station

Looking towards Trier

Looking towards Koblenz with 798705 on service to Traban-Trabach

Station building seen from  the platform side. Access to the platforms is via a subway.

Towards Trier

Towards Koblenz

Towards Koblenz

Towards Trier

798705 on service to Traban-Trabach.

798751 and trailer stabled.

Towards Koblenz

Towards Koblenz



Station approach road.

181205 with a Luxembourg to Koblenz train.

The Pünderich hanging viaduct by the River Mosel seen  from 798705 on way to Traban-Trabach.

798705 at Traben-Trabach

290329 on local freight and 141207 with a Bullay to Koblenz local.

23rd August 1983

216144 at Bad Ems with a Koblenz to Limburg train.

515xxx and and 815 trailer battery emu at Siershahn

515xxx on a service to Montabaur at Siershahn.

Siershahn looking towards Altenkirchen

Siershahn looking towards the loco depot and the junction of the lines ot Limburg and Neuwied.

Siershahn south signal box

212163 at Siershahn

Below are selection of wagons all taken at Siershahn.

CFL van

FS van

DB van

SBB low sided wagon

DB van

SNCF van

DB sliding roof van

DB sliding roof wagon (used for clay traffic to Italy)

Belgium open wagon

DB swing roof wagon

SNCF roll top wagon

DB cement hopper

DB van

Swiss van

RENFE Spanish transfesa van

Austrian van


24th August 1983

Inside a Silberlinge 2nd class coach

261141 at Koblenz

Pwghs freight train conductor's van at Boppard


103102 passes Boppard with an Amsterdam to Innsbruck train.

Boppard signal box

Boppard looking north

Boppard looking north

Boppard looking south

Boppard looking north

141437 at Boppard with Wiesbaden to Koblenz train

403001 leads a four car Lufthansa Airport Express service from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt Flughafen.

213340 on a short freight at Boppard.

Boppard looking south with loop for the coaches for the Himmelshausen service.

Boppard station building

Loop for the Himmelshausen service

213340 has proplled its train up the steep gradient from Boppard and is seen at Buchholz before the train goes on to Himmelhausen.

213340 retuns to Bucholz on the trip back to Boppard.

Boppard goods shed

218372 at Bad Kreuznach with a Bingerbrück to Saarbrücken train

218361 at Bad Kreuznach with a Frankfurt to Saarbrücken train

212237 at Bad Kreuznach with a Bingerbrück to Pirmasens train

218361 and 212237 are seen ready to leave Bad Kreuznach with the trains seen above.

25th August 1983

Linz (Rhein) station

Looking south

Looking south

Looking north

Looking north

Linz station looking south

subsidary building

Looking north

Looking south

Looking north

151055 on a northbound freight at Linz.

110231 at Linz on a Hoek van Holland to Basel train

213341 at Linz shunting

110122 with a Nijmegen to Frankfurt train

Notice forbidding crossing line

point direction lantern

Shunt signal

Catenary balance weight

SNCF and SNCB vans

Telephone box. platform lamp loudspeaker and clock

Maintenance vehicle and trailer

601004 with a Dortmund to Seebrugg service

1989 photos taken at Steinach

1990 photos at Lindau