Germany 1992


Hoek van Holland-Berlin



477104 at one of the stations on the Berlin Stadtbahn.

Alexanderplatz station

Berlin Lichtenberg

143653 at Cottbus unknown working

528142 preserved at Cottbus Hbf

155097 at Cottbus Hbf on freight

CSD 372005 and DR 180016 at Dresden

Berlin Flughafen Schonefeld : 112034 with Dresden to Hamburg IC and 143319 with a nortbound freight.



Dresden Neustadt looking towards Berlin

143114 at Dresden Neustadt with a Dresden to Cottbus train.

DR 1st/2nd class coach

Russian coach troup train section.

143655 light engine at Dresden Neustadt

Ebersbach CSD railbus 810200

202369 at Zittau after working a train from Lobau.

099727 with Zittau to Jonsdorf train at Zittau Eckartsberg

99727 at Jonsdorf

99727 uncouples after arrival at Bertsdorf

99728 at Bertsdorf with a Zittau to Oybin train.

099733 at Bertsdorf with a Oybin to Zittau train.

099732 at Zittau Sud with a Zittau to Jonsdorf train

099 733 and 099 722 at Zittau shed,

CSD 753.334 at Zittau on a freight

Krezwina Zgorzelecka station in Poland (formerly Ostritz) on way from Zittau to Gorlitz.


Berlin-Dresden-Bad Schandau-Kurort Kipsdorf-Dresden-Berlin

Bad Schandau with a Dresden to Schona S Bahn

143368 at Kurort Rathen with a Schonau to Meissen S Bahn.

CSD 372.012 at Kurort Rathen with a Praha to Kobenhavn train.

143341 at Kurort Rathen with a Meissen to Schonau S Bahn service.

771067 at Pirna with a train to Arnsdorf

142005 with a Dresden to Freiberg train which I took to Freital Hainsberg.

232257 at Dresden Hbf

Freital Hainsberg narrow gauge station. Standard gauge station on the left.

Freital Hainsberg with wagons on Rollwagen.

Conductor's van with coupling ot Rollwagen at Freital Hainsberg.

Unrebuilt coach at Freital Hainsberg

Freital Hainsberg shed with 099 736

099 744 on Weisseritztalbahn

Wagons on Rollwagen  at Dippoldiswalde

Kurort Kippsdorf station

099 744 at Kurort Kipsdorf

099 744 running round the train at Kurort Kipsdorf.

099 736 ay Obercarsdorf with a Freital Hainsberg to Kurort Kipsdorf train.


Berlin-Leipzig-Oschatz-Riesa- Chemnitz-Dresden-Berlin

099 710 on transporter wagon at Oschatz

099 710 on transporter wagon at Oschatz

099 710 on transporter wagon at Oschatz

Rollwagen at Oschatz

Rollwagen Grube at Oschatz

The single line entrance to Oschatz narrow gauge station

202672 at Riesa with a train ot Nossen. 142289 is on my train to Chemnitz.

Riesa signalbox  with a class 344 or 345 diesel shunter.

142283 at Riesa with a train ot Dresden.

232068 at Chemnitz with an eastbound freight. In background is a train of Russian military vehicles.

232030 at Chemnitz with an Interegio train ot Dortmund.

228745 at Chemnitz.

Colnitz viaduct between Chemnitz and Dresden.

099754 at Redebeul Ost with a train to Radeburg. Note Coca Cola advertsiing livery on S Bahn train from Schona to Meissen.

099754 leaves Redebeul Ost with a train to Radeburg

099756 at Radeburg Ost on a transporter wagon after being overhauled.


143034 at Radebeul Ost with a Dresden to Kassel IC train.



143034 has brought my train from Berlin into Leipzig Hbf; it is a Berlin to Garmisch Partenkirchen IC train.

232213 at Leipzig Hbf with a Berlin to Garmisch Partenkirchen IC train.

Tram outside Leipzig Hbf.

219112 with a train from Gera at Leipzig Hbf.

Class 143s inside Leipzig Hbf.

Leipzig Hbf concourse

232062 after arrival at Gera from Leipzig.

312207 shunting at Gera

219086 leaving Gera with a train for Saalfeld.

228751 at Gera

220289 at Gera with a Gera to Leipzig and Leutesch train.

232166 at Weimar with an Erfurt to Gera train. 219056 is on the rear.

143.155 Weimar Cottbus-Eisenach


Berlin-Hoek van Holland

232666 at Berlin Zoollogischer Garten with a Berlin to Karlsruhe IC train.