My first visit to Switzerland in 1971 was very brief. I travelled from Lindau (in Germany) through Bregenz (in Austria) to St Gallen behind 11197 on a München to Genéve express. 

Swiss Federal Railways 11197 has brought in a Bern to München train at Lindau on 29th July 1971 and will shortly head my train to St Gallen.

SBB 13310 brings a hopper train through St Gallen station on the 29th July 1971.

I then took a Geneva to Rorschach train as far as Romanshorn (for the ferry across the Bodensee to Frederichshafen in Germany )


In 1972 my second visit to Switzerland was part of a Interail trip around France. Having come from Paris via Dijon and Dôle my Paris to Milano train was headed by Swiss Federal Re4/4 No. 11178 as far as Brig.

At Brig I went outside the main station to see the Furka Oberalp and Brig Visp Zermatt narrow gauge station. In the yard outside the FO depot were (from left to right) motor cars 41 and 42 and BoBo electric 31. The date is Saturday 15th July 1972

A BVZ articulated 'crocodile' Co-Co No. 12 is taking out a train to Zermatt. Looking at the good quality rolling stock in the train's formation I suspect that this is the St.Moritz to Zermatt 'Glacier Express'.

Over in the main part of the station a Bern Lötschberg Simplon 1Co-Co1 electric No. 205 was stabled. at the BLS depot

The day's travelling was not over as I then caught a Brig to Basel express behind BLS No.164 over the Lötschberg line which, at this time, was still partly single track.

After a night spent at Bern youth hostel I returned to France via Genéve and headed south via Lyons to Marseille. 

1973 visit

I'd obviously found Swiss railways and the landscape interesting as the following year I returned for a nine day tour around the country using an eight day Swiss Holiday Pass.


Bodensee Toggenburg motor coach No. 52 on an Arth-Goldau to St. Gallen train at St. Gallen on the 19th July 1973.

SBB No. 10915 is working a train to St. Gallen from Chur on the 20th July 1973.

A RhB 1-Bo-1 shunter No. 211 is seen at Chur on 20th July 1973.

RhB motor coach No. 485 is at Arosa with a train to Chur on the 20th July 1973.

RhB 'crocodile' No. 408 is seen at with a Chur to Davos train on the 20th July 1973. The train is made up mainly of freight vans.

Rhb No.701 'Raetia' at St Moritz on Saturday 21st July 1973 with a train to Chur


On the 22nd July 1973 Furka oberalp Bo-Bo No. 33 is heading the Chur to Zermatt 'Glacier Express' near Sedrun on the climb from Disentis to the Oberalp Pass.

Trains passing at the Oberalp Pass. Furka Oberalp No. 34 approaches with a Brig to Chur train on 22nd July 1973.

The train descends the gorge west of Gletsch having gone over the Furka Pass line which was only open in the summer. This is now the route used in summer by the Furka Dampfbahn.

SBB No.10202 is seen after arrival at Brig with a stopping train from Lausanne on the 23rd July 1973.

BLS No.274 double locomotive is seen arriving at Brig from the Lötschberg line on 23rd July 1973.

SBB No. 16459 is shunting at Brig on the 23rd July 1973.

Yverdon-St Croix railway BoBo No. 21 is shunting at Yverdon station on the 24th July 1973.

Yverdon-St Croix railway motor coach No. 11 is at Yverdon on 24th July 1973.

Wenegnalp Bahn motor coach motor car No. 113 is at Grindelwald with a train to Kleine Scheidegg on 24th July 1973.

Berner Oberland Bahn motor coach No 303 is at Grindelwald with a train to Interlaken on 24th July 1973.

SBB metre gauge baggage locomotive No.908 is about to depart Meiringen after reversal witha Luzern to Interlaken train on 25th July 1973.

SBB No. 1992 is at Giswil after detaching from an Interlaken to Luzern train after hauling it over the rack fitted section over the Brünig Pass. The date is 25th July 1973.

SBB Ae6/6 Co-Co no. 11407 heads a southbound freight through Erstfeld station at the beginning of the Gotthard line on 25th July 1973.

Preserved SBB 2-10-0 steam locomotive No. 2965 at Erstfeld depot on 25th July 1973.

Another Ae6/6 arrives at Erstfeld with a northbound tanker train on 25th July 1973.

In pouring rain Ae6/6 No.11419 leaves the Gotthard Tunnel at Göschenen aith a northbound freight on 25th July 1973.