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Day 5 Thursday 10.8.00  

Another beautiful sunny and clear day. We took the two stage cable car to Brusti, speaking to the operator through an intercom and pressing the start button inside the cable car. The first section of the walk was an easy twisting path until we reached the long scree slope at Langschnee, where indeed there was quite a lot of snow that had to be crossed. The final climb to the Surenenpass (2291m) was a little steeper.

Surenenpass from the east

Looking west from Surenenpas with Titlis in background

The view west towards Engelberg and the Titlis was quite stunning. After a rest and lunch we took the path which dropped gently into the valley. Tea and a glass of milk were taken at a mountain Gasthaus. Eventually, the path turned into a lane and then several miles of rather tiring road walking were endured until we passed the monastery and arrived in Engelberg.

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