This is our favourite walk from Arosa because once the village has been left behind the valley is in a completely natural state. We left Arosa by walking down to the Untersee and then along the road to Isel using short cuts through the woods to avoid road walking. Near the footbridge across the dry riverbed we took the path to the Ramozhütte. 


The Weischtobelbach near Isel

The valley of the Weischtobelbach displays some interesting features. Near Isel the wide stony bed is completely dry. It has disappeared into the rocks beneath the bed. Gradually a stream forms as you walk up hill but further up the valley it disappears again only to reappear yet again. The path is almost level for about 1km but then starts to climb very gently through woodland (Pflanzenschutzgebiet – nature reserve). Gradually the woods thin out and at about 1870m the stream is crossed on a bridge. The track now climbs more steadily across open mountainside rising high above the river. Later the gradient stiffens considerably as the path has to climb over a rock step in the valley – here the stream has cut into the rocks and falls as a torrent.

Approaching the rock step in the valley just before the Ramozhütte 

Beyond this the Ramozhütte (2293m) can be seen at the bottom of the Alpine path, leading over the Erzhorn ridge into the Plessur valley. A strange sight is the footpath sign visible high above on the ridge at 2744m. The hut is un-staffed but has electricity provided by solar panels and was obviously well occupied when we passed. What a pity there aren’t any refreshments here!

Alp Ramoz with Pizza Naira in left of centre and the Furcletta pass (the low point to the left of Pizza Nizza)

Beyond Alp Ramoz (2265m) the path to Furcletta, and then to Alvaneu in the Albula valley, gradually ascends across mountain pasture, where a surprisingly large number of cattle were grazing. The alp is surrounded by the Aroser Rothorn (2980m), the Erzhorn (2924m), and Pizza Naira (2870m) to the north and by slightly lower mountains to the south. The final pull up to the Furcletta at 2573m was very steep, but there is a clear path. In several places we had to make detours round patches of snow. Furcletta is an arête only a metre or so wide at the top and links Pizza Naira and Tgpeala (2712m). Beyond Furcletta the path falls into the Laiers valley before splitting to go to Alvaneu or Lenzerheide.

Pizza Naira from the knife-edge Furcletta

The view from Furcletta looking down the steep path to Alp Ramoz 

After lunch at the Furcletta we retraced our steps to Arosa. The time from Arosa to Furcletta was about 3 ½ hours with a return of 2 ¾ hours.  

Looking down Weischtobelbach