The Weisshorn from above Innerarosa

We walked from Arosa to Inner Arosa along the road and then took the path to the Hornliexpress valley station (1860m). The path, signposted to Gredigs Fürggli, then goes along a lane to the Schwelisee (1933m) before starting to climb up to the Alpisee at 2156m. To the south of the path are the scree slopes of the Erzhorn and further up the valley can be seen the Aroser Rothorn and Papaner Rothorn (these are illustrated on the walk to Urdenfürggli).

The Schwelisee with the Erzhorn and Aroser Rothorn

The Alplisee

The path junctions at the end of the Alplisee were slightly confusing but we found the path to the Hornlihütte on the grassy slopes above the lake. Surprisingly, this path dropped extremely steeply down a gully from 2192 to 2073, and was actually one of the steepest descents we’ve had to do in the Alps. 

The gully near Alplisee

he path then meandered across the Verborgnen Weng under the cliffs of the Tschirpen and up to the Hornlihütte (2496m). Near the top we encountered mountain bikers racing downhill on the piste track. Lunch was at the Hornlihütte because of difficulties obtaining food after 4.30 on a Saturday afternoon. There are no supermarkets open in Arosa after this time even! The time to the summit from Arosa was about 3 hours.  

Looking from the Hornlihütte with the Plattenhorn and Weisshorn in background.

Leaving Hornli the Bergweg descends, signposted for the LAW (Luftseilbahn Arosa Weisshorn) Mittelstation and Arosa, but after about 10 minutes we took the path to the Carmennapass. 

Looking back to Hornli on the climb to the Carmennapass.

This rises slowly back up to 2367m at the pass, where no less than five paths join. There is a final fairly steep climb up to the Weisshorn cable car station, almost on the summit at 2653m. The time taken from Hornli to the Weisshorn was about 1 ¼ hours. The views from the Weisshorn are extensive, ranging from the Bernese Oberland to the Bernina and Vorarlberg. 

The Carmennapass from the slopes of the Weisshorn with Plattenhorn above.

The return to Arosa was in the two-stage cable car.