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The name of this walk needs some explanation. The BLS is the Bern Lötschberg Simplon Railway which links Bern and Brig. This walk parallels the railway line but is generally high above the valley floor. The Nordrampe refers to the north ramp or climb of the railway up the Kandertal from Frütigen.

We took the bus from Frütigen to Reichenbach and changed there for Kiental. From this small villagewe used the long and very slow chairlift to Ramslauenen at 1409m.

Looking down into the Kiental from Ramslauenen

The path to Kandersteg climbs up around the end of the Furggi ridge. Here the path was extremely muddy because of recent heavy rainfall.  We even thought we would have to abandon walking to Kandersteg because our progress was so slow but fortunately conditions underfoot improved. At first the path passes through  a mixture of  rough grazing and woods. Once clear of Furggi the path became more varied, sometimes being along paved or unpaved lanes for short sections and at other times through woods.

Looking down on Frutigën from near Furggi

An easy section of the walk - pity there's no view!

Eventually the path drops down hill to near Blausee Mitholz before joining the BLS Erlebnispfad (BLS experience path) and climbing uphill towards Kandersteg. The views were somewhat limited due to clouds but under good conditions would have been spectacular.

This is the construction base for the new Lötschberg base tunnel at Blausee Mitholz. It's something of an eyesore at the moment but will disappear when construction is completed. (The tunnel is now complete.)

The profile of the walk includes six summits and six low points.

 1409m at Ramslauenen, 1552m, 1468m, 1550m, 1456m, 1488m, 1350m, 1376m, 1100m, 1150m, 1117m, 1289m, 1130m and 1176m at Kandersteg.

 There is a total of 549 m ascent and 784m descent and the time indicated on the signs suggest between 5 and 6 hours.

Arrival at Kandersteg found the mountains still hidden by clouds.