We took the bus to Ascheten Post and then the mini-bus up the extremely steep road to Elsigbach. It is necessary to tell the bus driver of the Frutigen to Adelboden bus that you want the connecting minibus to meet the bus at Ascheten Post. From Elsigbach we took the  cable car to Elsigalp at 1797m.


From the upper cable car station to the summit at Elsighorn is about 1h 40 min. The path starts along the paved alm lane before crossing rough grazing land and then along a stony path to the first summit at 2341m.


The climb to the Elsighorn

The second summit, at about the same height, has a short but rather exciting and exposed approach which we chose not to do, largely because the view would have been of the clouds. The views were disappointing with continually drifting clouds blocking the summits of most of the mountains. Normally this would have been a spectacular viewpoint over the whole of northern Switzerland.

Sadly, the summit has a radio and mobile phone mast whilst just below the first summit is a rhomboid shaped satellite or air traffic control device which can be seen on the skyline as the Elsighorn is approached from Elsigbach.

The drop is not for those scared of heights!

 After leaving the summit we took a faint track across the moor to point 2045m just below the Golitschenpass joining the Kandersteg to Elsigalp path to given a different return route to the cable car.

Golitschenpass on the skyline