This walk is slightly unusual as it requires a long train journey back from Davos Dorf to Arosa via Chur, if walked they way we did it. We had a Swiss Pass so cost was not a consideration. However, it would obviously be perfectly practical to return to Langwies from the Strelapass and would probably be quicker than returning by train as the rail journey is a long way round!

We went by train to Langwies (1373m) and set off climbing through the village and then up the valley of the Sapüner Bach. The route is, at first, along the lane to Sapün Dorf  but the path then climbs through woods, before levelling off as it crosses an alm. The original covered bridge from 1907 still stands where the lane crosses the Fondeier Bach, but is now only used for the footpath. 

The wooden bridge above Langwies

Sapün Dorf (1725m) is reached about 1 ¼ hours from Langwies. It is a spread-out village of old wooden barns and chalets and is now largely only inhabited in summer. Above Dörfji the path to the Strelapass reaches the Berggasthaus Heimeli at 1831m where there is a restaurant. 

The Strelapass from above the Berggasthaus  Heimeli

The path now climbs more steeply and enters the Haupter Tälli valley, the head of which is dominated by the Weissfluh (2843), which we climbed from Klosters in 2002. The gradient of the path eases as it enters the valley but then turns sharply and crosses the stream


The Weissfluh from the path climbing from the Haupter Tälli

The path now climbs steeply from 2061m at the stream to 2350m at the Strelapass in a series of zigzags. The time from Langwies to the pass was about 3 hours. At the summit is a small wooden Bergrestaurant serving snack type food. The Strelapass area has, inevitably, been damaged by the skiing industry with several cable cars and ski tows.

Looking back to the Strelapass from the start of the Panoramaweg

The Panoramweg above Davos Dorf

We then walked along the Panoramweg path, which descends gently around the Schiahorn to reach the Parsenbahn funicular Mittelstation (2219m) in about 1 hour from the pass. Only the lower section of this railway is in use during the summer. We returned from Davos Platz to Arosa via Chur by train in a time not a lot shorter than we’d taken to walk!