Sunegga to Tufteren

Sunnegga - Tufteren : about 45 minutes each way

This walk starts by using the underground railway from Zermatt to Sunnegga which lifts you nearly 700 metres in a couple opf minutes.

The ski slopes at Sunnegga with the Matterhorn somewhere behind the cloud. in the centre.

The winter path starts down this tunnel from Sunnegga station.

Once out of the tunnel the path heads down the side of the ski slopes which have to be crossed carefully!

Then the path proper starts which is quite narrow and runs on a ledge high above the valley.

Despite the rather gloomy weather the views north were surprisingly good.

The path winds around and goes up and down quite a bit so there is actually quite a lot of height gain and loss.

About half way there is another downhill ski piste to cross.

The walk continues gently downhill ....

....with some quite narrow sections.

Down below Zermatt can be seen.

The winter path ends at Tufteren where...

...there is a small restaurant. The return to Sunnegga is obviously generally uphill with a climb of about 100m.