Winterwanderweg from Bettmeralp to Fiescheralp

In the cable car publicity the recommended route is to take the cable car from Fiesch to Fiescheralp (Kühboden) and then walk to Bettmeralp. However, having walked this route in summer, we realised that the descent into Bettmeralp is quite steep and, in snowy and possibly icy conditions, it might be difficult to keep one's footing.

We, therefore, decided to take the cable car up from Betten station to Bettmeralp and then walk to Fiescheralp. This is definitely the way we'd recommend. Fiesch and Betten are linked by an hourly train service.

Bettmeralp chapel

 The path above Bettmeralp.

Leaving Bettmeralp you have to cross the end of the downhill piste. A strong nerve may be required, but it was clear that if we just walked the skiers would ski around us! (note; a repeat visit in 2010 shows that the footpath now goes in front of the skilift station and avoids this dangerous crossing of the slopes.)

The path is signposted and climbs steadily out of the village through the woods and then onto the open mountain side with superb views. In summer the destruction caused by the piste excavations are unpleasant but in winter the smowscape seems perfectly natural.

The mountains beyond Brig with the point of the Matterhorn visible just right of centre

The path winding uphill from Bettmeralp.

Fran admiring the view above Bettmeralp

Eventually, the path levels out and then dips slightly to arrive at the Fürri Hütte, where a hot snack or meal may be obtained, either on the terrace or in the restaurant. The walk then continues high above the valley on a broad clear track to Fiescheralp. In one or two places drag lifts and downhill pistes cross the path but should be no problem.

The Bettmerhorn with the Fürri Hütte.

Down the path towards the Fürri Hütte.

The approach to Fiescheralp

If the weather is clear a trip up to the Eggishorn is strongly recommended with its fantastic views of the Aletschgletscher and scores of 4000m mountains; the Eiger, the Jungfrau, the Matterhorn, the Dom, Mont Blanc and many more. Take a full day over this trip, dawdle, have a coffee and enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery in Switzerland.

The Aletschgletscher looking towards the Jungfrau and Eiger

The Aletschorn 

The view of the Aletschglestcher looking down the valley.

The Fieschergletscher with the Finsteraarhorn in the distance