Winterwanderweg in the Saastal

Snow conditions weren't particularly good around Saas Fee in February 2011 but we decided to walk the short section from Saas Fee down to Saas Almagell.

The path down from Saas Fee is along the lane called Am Vogelwald

Looking down in to the Saastal towards Saas Grund the shortage of snow is obvious.

However, there was plenty of snow to walk along...

......with views of saas grund through the trees.

In the forest the snow had clearly not melted.

There were some truly spectacular frozen water cascades.

The 3337m high Almagellerhorn dominates the final part of the walk... the path drops into the valley..

..with the village of Saas Almagell.

Looking up the valley towards the 3436m high Stellihorn.