Deutsche Bundesbahn - 1980 visit

Photographs below were all taken on 29th July 1980 on my journey from Ostend to Aachen, Kln, Trier and Koblenz.

Units 088/ 687/ 112 and 507 at Gent St Pierre on a Coutrai (Flemish - Kortrijk) -Jeumont train.

2245 on a westbound train at Gent St Pierre.

2801 working light engine at Gent St Pierre.

6322 at Gent St Pierre with a train to Courtrai (Kortrijk). On the right is electric multiple unit 820 working an Oostende to Antwerpen service that I had travelled on from Oostende.

From Gent I travelled on an Oostende to Frankfurt express which is seen after arrival at Aachen Hbf behind 2223. The Belgian loco was replaced by a DB locomotive 110213.

110145 is heading E3009 Aachen to Hamm at Aachen.

Multi-voltage SNCB 1604 is working train D319 a Brussels to Kln express which it worked throughout.

140249 heads a westbound train of hoppers through Aachen Hbf.

Overhead line maintenance railbus 701106.

111118 is in the Rhein Ruhr S Bahn orange and grey livery with train E3654 a Kln to Aachen service.

Geilenkirchen station seen from an Aachen to Braunschweig train which I took as far as Dsseldorf.

420138 at  Dsseldorf  Hbf on a Langenfeld to Essen S Bahn service.

110135 has brought my train from Aachen into Dsseldorf  Hbf.  train E2641 will go on to Braunschweig. On the left is 141459 with a Dsseldorf to Hagen local train.

Set 420172/ 421172/ 420672 heads off the Hohenzollernbrcke into Kln Hbf with a Bergisch Gladbach to Kln Chorweiler S Bahn service.

A BR 103 takes a northbound IC train onto the bridge. It is either 103225 on a Mnchen to Westerland train or 103240 on a Mnchen to Hannover train.

140791 propels a Hamm to Dren train through the then new platforms at Kln Hbf.

The next stage of my journey was behind 212104 on the 13:31 Kln to Euskirchen local service which is seen before departure from Kln...

...and after arrival at Euskirchen

215040 rolls into Euskirchen from the south with a Gerolstein to Kln local train.

From Euskirchen I headed south to Trier on a Mnster to Saarbrcken express train E2136. At Gerolstein 211219 waits to follow the express with a Gerolstein to Trier train whilst railbus 798649 is on a branch line train to Wengerohr.

At Trier 215046 comes off the Mnster to Saarbrcken to be replaced by and electric 140093 for the continuation of the journey to Saarbrcken.

Multi-voltage 181215 is stabled at Trier Hbf.

Another BR181, this time 181203 still in the original blur livery heads and eastbound Interfrigo train through Trier.

333106 is acting as station pilot.

From Trier I took a Saarbrcken to Koblenz Eilzug E3721 as far as Bullay where I spent an hour watching traffic on the Mosel valley line.

140209 brings the same eastbound Interfrigo train that I'd seen at Trier through the station at Bullay.

140777 heads west with a loaded iron ore train bound for steel works in the Saar area.

At about 20:00 140710 heads north through Koblenz Hbf with a freight.

141093 has brought a local train from Bingerbrck into Koblenz.

I stayed at Koblenz until 21:10 before heading north to Kln where I had booked a couchette berth on train D209 a Dortmund to Basel sleeping car service which I used between Kln and Freiburg.


The photographs below were all taken on the 30th July 1980 on my journey from Freiburg to  Munchen

The first part of my journey from Freiburg was on an Eilzug (semi-fast train) to Neustadt in the Black Forest. Here 139558 is seen in the loop at Himmelreich with a Neustadt to Freiburg train at about eight in the morning.

My train was hauled by 139554 and is seen at Titisee before the train departed for Neustadt.

I changed trains at Titisee onto a train to the terminus at Seebrugg where 139136 is seen after arrival

I returned to Titisee on the return working.

My onward journey from Titisee was on a Freiburg to Konstanz train headed by 139558 and banked up the steep gradients of the Hollentalbahn from Freiburg by 139309.

At Neustadt the electrified line ends and here 139558 is uncoupled... be replaced by 211206 which will take the train on the non-electrified section to Donaueschingen.

Neustadt signal box - Stellwerke 2.

After changing to another diesel hauled train at Donauschingen - 211354 on a Villingen-Rottweil train - the curious electrified private railway at Trossingen Bahnhof was seen - Railcar No.6 forms a train to Trossingen Stadt.

It doesn't look like there are many passengers.

At Rottweil I'm back on an electrified main line with 110234 heading train D482 "Schweizerland" from Zrich to Stuttgart which I travelled on to Stuttgart. The last time I was in Rottweil (in 1970) I'd photographed a BR44 2-10-0 on an oil train

On arrival in Stuttgart Hbf 144084 was in at the platform with a train from Heilbronn.

110275 has just arrived with train D296 "Mostar Dalmacija" from Zagreb to Stuttgart made up of Yugoslavian coach. This was still the time of the Gastarbeiter (migrant worker) trains from southern Europe to Germany.

Heading south from Stuttgart on a Dortmund to Obertsdorf holiday express I changed at Goppingen onto a Plochingen to Geislingen local train which is seen after arrival at Geislingen. Units 427105/405 and 427103/403 made up the six car train.

 I spent about an hour at Geislingen, at the foot of the notorious Gieslinger Steige incline. Two banking locomotives 193013 and 194038 wait in the banking loco loop whilst 140025 is in the freight yard.

111077 runs downhill with IC612 "Gorch Fock" from Mnchen to Kiel.

103151 runs through with train IC115 "Nymphenburg" from Dortmund to Innsbruck

Immediately behind the IC train was 110352 with train D211 the "Worthersee Express" from Dortmund to Innsbruck. The 110 needed a banker up the hill with this heavy train ...

....and here 194108 has buffered up.

111034 runs downhill through Geislingen with a Frelilassing to Dortmund relief train.

110176 arrives with train E3422, an Ulm to Stuttgart service.

260342 stands in one of the loops at Geislingen

Geislingen station building.

150185 takes a freight up the hill without banking assistance.

At Ulm Hbf 210004 couples up to a through carriage from Kassel to Oberstdorf that was brought in earlier on a Kassel to Berchtesgarden train and will be added to a train from Dortmund to Oberstdorf.

111108 runs into Ulm Hbf with train D1717 from Dortmund. This train had through carriages for four stations in Bavaria - Tegernsee, Bad Fussen, Oberammergau and Mittenwald.  I joined the Mittenwald through carriage for the next step of my journey.

103145 is seen arriving at Augsburg Hbf  train IC181 "Karwendel" from Bremen to Innsbruck.

103223 awaits departure from Augsburg with the northbound IC180 the "Karwendel" from Garmisch Partenkirchen to Bremen.

At Augsburg the through carriages for Mittenwald and Oberammergau from D1717 were detached and diesel loco 218416 then took them on as train D1917 as far as Weilheim where electric 141202 replaced it for the continuation to Mittenwald.

At Murnau the Oberammergau coach was detached and added behind 141202 which was working the local push-pull service on the branch as seen above

 Two of the old Oberammergau branch line BR169 4 wheel electric locomotives were stored outside the shed at Murnau, having been replaced shortly before on the branch passenger trains by BR 141 locos. These two photos show 169003 and 169005.

Oberammergau station building.

The Oberammergau branch was worked by two train sets and after a look round the town i returned to Murnau behind 141173.

Back at Murnau 111061 ran in on a Mnchen to Garmisch-Partenkirchen train. In the background is 169002 another of the old Oberammergau branch locos which were still being used on freight trains.

The photographs below were all taken on Thursday 31st July on my journey from Dusseldorf to Bremen

I travelled overnight from Mnchen to Norddeich in the through carriages added to train D710 the main part of which went to Dortmund behind 111088.

At Kln the Norddeich coaches were taken forward on train D931 behind 140803, a freight locomotive.

An early morning shot taken from the carriage window at Rheine showed battery railcar 515554 and a Silberlinge push pull control car in the station.

Diesel loco 221140 replaced the electric loco at Rheine and is seen here at Norddeich Mole station after arrival.

The harbour at Norddeich.

Another view of 221140 at Norddeich Mole.


221124 is seen Norddeich Mole with  the empty stock of my train before it was removed to the carriage sidings.

I walked the short distance to Norddeich Stadt station and photographed 221124 again.

Norddeich Stadt viewed from the level crossing at the station throat.

Norddeich Stadt looking south showing the extensive carriage sidings.

My journey continued behind 221140 and 220063 seen at Norddeich Stadt with train D975 from Norddeich to Altenbeken.

A pre-war Deutsche Reichsbahn baggage van seen at Norden.

Kleinlok 323586 is seen at Norden involved in shunting duties.

Norden station and old steam shed.

220051 rolls into Norden with train D986 from Hamburg and Goslar to Norddeich.

220051 at Norden.

Norden station building.

From Norden I travelled behind 211090 on train 7523 from Norden to Wilhelmshaven. The line between Norden and Essens was closed three years later in 1983.

As well as a couple of post-war rebuilt carriages there were several former Deutsche Reichsbahn coaches in the train's formation.

211090 is seen at Essens which was the station where passengers changed for a bus connection to the islands of Langeoog and Spiekeroog.

At Sande my train passed 216147 on train E3145 a Wilhelmshaven to Bad Harzburg service.

216056 is at Wilhelmshaven after arriving with E2735 from Koblenz.

A  2nd class DB UIC-X coach.

A DB UIC-X 1st and 2nd class coach.

216184 has arrived at Wilhelmshaven with E3920 from Bremerhaven.

A 1st and 2nd class 'Silberlinge' coach.

A 1st class pre-war Deutsche Reichsbahn coach.

211090 waits departure from Wilhelmshaven with a return service to Norden.

220079 is at the head of a Wilhelmshaven to Bremen train  which I took as far as Bremen.

Lifting bridge over the canal just outside Wilhelmshaven at Mariensiel on the line to Sande. There are two bridges side by side herewith a signal box sandwiched between them.

211236 is at Sande with a boat train ('Tidezug') from Harle to Bremerhaven.

Sande has an unusual footbridge.

 Three car DMU power cars 624662 and 624633  are at Hude with a Nordenham to Bremen local train.

111046 Bremen is on train IC689 'Herrenchiemsee' from Bremen to Mnchen.

I now travelled to Bremerhaven behind 140072.

112501 in the old TEE livery is at Bremerhaven with a terminating service from Stuttgart which had through carriages to Cuxhaven.

From Bremerhaven I went on to Cuxhaven behind 220026. Some through carriages from Stuttgart are being added to the rear of the train which can be seen in the background. Over to the right is railbus 798611 with a local train to Bremervorde.

At Wemen my train passed 220009 on a Cuxhaven to Wilhelmshaven local.

220026 is seen after arrival at Cuxhaven with my train from Bremerhaven.

220012 has arrived at Cuxhaven with train E3430 from Hamburg.

220030 and Cuxhaven station building. I returned to Bremerhaven behind 220033 on board E2881 (Cuxhaven-Hannover). At Bremerhaven 112501 (see photo above) took the train on to Hannover.

Arriving back at Bremen I photographed 141350 on a Bremen to Vegesack local train. I then reboarded train E2881 in the couchette coaches that came in from Wilhelmshaven.

216081 has taken over a Lindau to Wilhelmshaven train at  Bremen.

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