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DAY 2 Sunday 6.8.00  

Franís birthday, and definitely a day to remember as far as the appalling weather was concerned. Left Weisstannen at 9.10 in pouring rain, which continued all day until we reached the Hotel Elm at 17.10. The signs indicated 7 hourís walking time to Elm so, despite the weather, we completed the walk on time allowing for breaks. On the mountain section there were warnings of rock slides, but the main problem was the amount of water in the numerous streams we had to cross. The water came over the top of our boots and at one stream up to our knees- we soon had very wet feet.

Fortunately the cloud base was well above the level of the Foopass (2223m) so at least we had views to appreciate. At one stage a bridge had been washed away and we had to take a detour path. The pass itself was very calm with no wind. After lunch we dropped down a path towards Elm in wide zigzags. At a cattle byre we joined a lane that took us all the way down to Elm. On one section we saw the beginnings of a mud slide when a log rolled across the road in front of us. A stream of brown mud could be seen advancing down the hillside and, shortly after we passed, started to creep across the road. We heard that later there had been more serious mud slides on the Foopass.  

Foopass looking west


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