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So far I have built S Scale layouts based on the pre 1923 Midland Railway, British Railways London Midland Region in the 1950s/60s and a German Deutsche Bundesbahn 1970s era layout. They have all been built in a room about 11 feet by 8 feet and on two levels.

Iíve constructed this website mainly for my own record of what Iíve done and therefore itís hasn't always possible to present it in a completely logical time sequence. The best way to read the website is to look at the Halifax Midland layout page first as that shows its development in chronological order.

The next bit to read is about building the Pendle Midland layout.

The best way to understand what Iíve done for German modelling is simply to work your way through the separate German section.

 The DB rolling stock and motive power pages are self contained but the German layout section is here.

I also built another layout which I abandoned because I had developed nerve damage.  Iíve left this description on the website as a reminder of what might have been.

All the other sections on the British S Scale pages are completely self contained and can be read in any order.

Halifax Midland Layout Card bodied Carriages Building a MR Compound Building a MR "Spinner" 4-2-2 Building an LMS 8F
Pendle Midland layout

Metal bodied Carriages Building a MR
Building a MR Johnson 2F 0-6-0 Building an LMS Patriot
German layout
Wagons Building a MR Kirtley
1142 class
Building an LMS Crab 2-6-0
German S Scale models Tender Drive Unit wpeD0.jpg (20512 bytes) Building a MR Johnson 2-4-0 Lining Midland Models LMS  coaches
The abandoned layout Alan Gibson MR loco kits Building a MR Johnson 0-6-0T Couplings Building an LMS Class 5
Photos by Steve Flint Videos of Halifax Midland Videos of the German layout A better tender drive unit BR wagons
EE 350hp
LMS Jubilee
2-6-4T locos
LNWR 0-8-0
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